Our Vision

At Eatrific4all, our founder, a registered debt counsellor, envisions a future where every household can access affordable, nutritious meals for their families. In a world where many families struggle to put basic food on the table, meat, fruit and fresh vegetables has become a luxury for many. We offer a solution through Food Socks, a convenient, delicious, and nutrition-packed food sock, designed to provide a healthy meal at the affordable price of R11.25 per plate.

Our mission is to make this affordable meal accessible to a wide range of individuals, including recipients of government pensions, family grants, disability grants, as well as those earning weekly wages and monthly salaries, all of whom often face challenges in affording nutritious food. By supporting Eatrific4all, you’re not only ensuring your own access to affordable, healthy meals, but you’re also contributing to our efforts to help those in need.

We are committed to making a difference in our communities by gifting Food Socks to institutions that support individuals struggling to put enough food on their tables. Together, we can make nutritious, affordable food accessible to all and improve the lives of those facing food insecurity. Join us in our mission to create a world where no one has to go hungry, and everyone can enjoy the simple pleasure of a nourishing meal.

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Giving back to the Community

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